hair and corporal mesotherapy


Aesthetic Medicine

Men present gradual thinning in the temporal areas producinga

V shaped frontal hairline.  As baldness progresses, a bald patch appears

on the crown of the head, which increases in size as the frontal

hairline recedes.  Eventually the receeding frontal hairline and the bald

patch meet up, leading to loss of hair.

Alopecia is a common disorder affecting men.  It can have a significant psychological and physical effect. Can be treated with mesotherapy. Substances are inyected directly on to the scalp. Treatment is painless and need at least 8 sessions to see results. Does not require downtime.

Corporal mesotherapy.  Its a method of sculpting the body, targets localized

fat deposits.  It can eliminate sagging skin, treat skin conditions.  The rewards

of mesotherapy emerge quickly.  On average mesotherapy patients

see improvement in two to three sessions.  Can deliver precise treatments to

areas such as the buttocks, abdomen and thighs.  Treatment is painless and results are seen in the 2 o 3 sessions.

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